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Hey Y'all!

I was that kid... 

didn't grow up with horses.

I was afraid.

I was horse crazy.

I pushed myself.

I learned.

I am passionate.

I love seeing kids enjoy this.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

-Melanie (owner)

Brittany with "Easy"


Our Story...

Hi there! As a teen I couldn't get enough time with the horses.  I took lessons, worked with the Girl Scout horse program, started my own lesson program, worked at a dude ranch taking trail rides, and soaked up as much time at the stables with my favorite person in the horse world 'Taffy".  I am Melanie, the owner and chaos coordinator in my family! my wonderful husband has supported me in chasing my dream of working with horses for a living and I couldn't be luckier to have him! we were born and raised in California,  decided to move to Texas and run a second location in 2004 and we couldn't be happier!  we have 4 children and we are currently homeschooling after deciding the public school system was not for us.  we love to travel as a family and everyone works hard to contribute to the family businesses.  2 of our girls are just as horse crazy as I am and are a huge help in running the farms. I was blessed to have great mentors in the industry growing up and love to see youngsters now who share that same burning passion.  

In loving memory


Taffy (pictured left) was my biggest mentor for over 20 years.  I miss her every day and wish I could just pick up the phone and call her.

"easy" (pictured above and throughout website with my daughter) was the first horse I loved.  she lived at the stables where I worked with taffy and she eventually came home with me to live out her last few years.  she was the best little horse ever. she taught me to ride, and all of my children rode her when they were babies.

in loving memory

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