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  1. Park in designated areas and never in front of or blocking any gates.

  2. All participants must have signed waiver on file.

  3. All participants under age 18 MUST WEAR APPROVED HELMET.

  4. All siblings are the sole responsibility of parents.  Please keep a close eye on your children and keep them in designated viewing area for safety of all persons and animals on property.

  5. All spectators should remain in designated viewing area.  Please allow instructors to work with your child and do not interfere or help your child unless asked to do so by instructor.  Please do not give direction to your child from outside arena during lessons.  Feel free to address any learning concerns prior to or at conclusion of lesson.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

  6. Photography is encouraged!

  7. All scheduling is to be done through ranch management and not through staff or instructors.


  9. NO DOGS.



Please read & refer to this whenever necessary!


Payment: All classes must be paid for prior to start date.


24 HOUR NOTICE!: In the event a student is unable to attend their scheduled class AND has given 24 HOUR NOTICE they will be eligible to attend a makeup class within one week if space allows.


***NO SHOW OR LESS THAN 24 HOUR cancellation: In the event of a NO SHOW or less than 24 hour notice is given, activity will not be eligible to be rescheduled.


***Expiration of Gift Certificates: Gift certificates WILL NOT be honored after their expiration date. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


PLEASE make sure you attend your scheduled event ON TIME as your spot is held and makeups are not permitted unless 24 hour cancellation is received.


We do understand that sometimes the unexpected happens, and do our best to work with everyone however we can not always make accommodations for every situation and we have implemented these policies to avoid any confusion and cut down on the number of cancellations and no shows. Please remember we have staff to keep happy and they enjoy teaching and showing up to work. Your spot is held for you and we are unable to fill your spot without sufficient notice!


***WEATHER: In the event of inclement weather students will be able to do other activities in the barn such as learning the anatomy of the horse, horse breeds and colors, tack parts, work with the minis, and other various activities. Please remember there is plenty to be learned and experienced from the ground even when riding is not possible. If a serious weather watch occurs or safety of being outdoors is an issue we will contact you if lesson is canceled. If you choose not to attend your scheduled time there will be no make ups available! NO EXCEPTIONS!


THANK YOU! We appreciate your understanding in these policies and have so implemented these in order to run things as smoothly as possible and cut down on the amount of cancellations and no shows.  We believe that consistency is key to the student progressing and learning!

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