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    WE ARE GENERALLY BOOKED FULL AND ON A WAITLIST!!! WE HOLD YOUR SPOT FOR YOU ONCE PAID! Please be sure if you are going to miss a class to let us know as far in advane as possible so that we can get a makeup scheduled for you! We do understand that sometimes things happen and kids get sick (these occurances will be limited to twice annually) so if lesson than 24 hours we will do our best to find a spot and put you on the list for a cancellation for the week IF one comes available, however it is not guaranteed. Cancellations less than 8 hours or no shows WILL NOT be eligible for a makeup lesson.
  • Class schedule/ How do we sign up?
    Class schedule may change slightly each month due to daylight and instructor availability so you can get the current availability by messaging your local fb page or texting your local number. Once we have determined we have a time/ class that works with your schedule we will email you an invoice via Square that can be paid secure with any card of your choice. Spaces are ONLY held once PAYMENT IS RECEIVED!
  • How long is a lesson and what can I expect?
    Lessons typically run about an hour (Buckaroos are 30min.) and depending on age, attention span, and capability riders will learn a variety of the following things: safety, grooming, how to tack up horse, how to ride, games on horseback, obstacles, strategies, different horse behaviors, how to deal with a challenging ride, have access to other farm experiences, and so very much more!
  • What do we need to wear? BOOT INFO!!!
    -Pants or leggings at all times ARE REQUIRED for riding! Even in the hot summer months we require pants for safety to protect legs from saddle sores, rash, and the elements. -BOOTS are required as soon as you are able to obtain a pair and we are okay with a gently loved pair. Please keep in mind this is one of the most important items to keep riders safe. Boots can be purchased economically at some local stores or you can always search second hand stores, online, check marketplace, ask on social media if any friends might have a pair they would like to share. Boots should have a heel and NOT a lug sole such as a hiking type boot. Please feel free to message EDIF if you need help with this! -Hair should be pulled back into a low ponytail and any extra bows or head wear should be removed so that riders helmet will fit properly.
  • Can we bring our own helmet?
    We provide helmets and keep them sprayed for cleanliness after each ride. Helmets must be certified for horseback riding and if you choose to purchase your own we reccomend the Tipperary or Troxel brand with a dial fit to ensure the best fit. Please feel free to ask for guidence when purchasing a helmet.
  • Where do we go when we arrive?
    CA: Park in designated parking area. Follow signs to barn area where you will find staff to guide you! TX: Please pull through front gate (cedar post fencing & green gate) and close behind you. Park with other vehicles to the left in designated parking area and head into barn where you will find staff to guide you! ***IMPORTANT*** Please stay in designated spectator areas away from students and horses. Please keep siblings/other children with you at all times and do not allow them to wander. Please allow instructor to do their job and do not sidecoach. Please read our full list of BARN RULES under the Policies tab. Thank you!
  • How does weather affect our scheduled lesson?
    Please refer to our policies section for more info on weather, holidays, and cancellation information.
  • Can we bring treats for the horses/animals?
    Please do not bring treats from home. We provide approved treats for students to feed after each lesson and guests who attend our events wil also be able to feed our provided treats to animals once we have completed event before leaving. We have to closely monitor what our horses are eating and due to having special diets and senior animals who may not have best chewing capabilities. All feeding of treats will be monitored by staff.
  • Are we able to tip instructors?
    Yes! Tips are welcomed and always appreciated! Please feel free to tip your instructor and let them know if you are happy with them! Likewise, if there are any concerns, please feel free to speak to them after lesson or reach out to management at anytime so that we may speak with an instructor! *Please remember instructors do not give out their numbers or information and all schedule changes must go through management.
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